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Investing in a used car is one of those purchases that demands careful consideration and which may find you second-guessing yourself over the suitability of one model over another. That’s why it’s not uncommon for people to question which is the best used car around. Of course, there’s no definitive answer to this without first understanding your own particular circumstances and the availability of those models around you. As such, it’s important to ask a number of questions of yourself when determining which is the best used car for you.

What is my budget?

A great starting point is to know how much budget you’re working with. Through flexible financing, you can often afford more than you might expect, so always ensure you carry out a calculation to identify rough costs. This could be the difference between settling for a Ford Fiesta or taking an agreement out on a Ford Kuga.

What is the car to be used for?

Morning commutes? School runs? Long motorway journeys for work? This will dictate which model will best meet your needs. If it’s long journeys, you’ll want something that offers great fuel economy but which is safe and smooth to ride, while trips across town can best be served by something like the Kia Picanto or Ford KA. 

What capacity is needed?

By capacity, we of course mean how many passengers will be riding inside. If you’ve a growing family, a two-door hatchback such as the Vauxhall ADAM is not going to prove ideal, particularly if you need to fit a child seat. You may prefer one of the many SUV options available, such as the Audi Q2, Ford Kuga, or even the Hyundai Tucson.

What type of fuel?

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and take advantage of more affordable running costs, selecting a hybrid or electric vehicle - such as the Nissan LEAF or something from the ŠKODA iV lineup - will prove ideal. Alternatively, there’s a selection of petrol or diesel options that offer better economy than ever before.

By addressing these various factors, narrowing down the selection becomes far easier. You can also simply browse the used cars currently available at Motors Coalville or liaise with a member of the team today. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and assist in finding the best used car for you.

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