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We at Motors Coalville are as passionate about the automotive industry as can be, meaning we pay close attention to all the very latest news and developments as they happen.

We’re also dedicated to ensuring that our customers are kept abreast of all the latest news, which is why we’re delighted to present all the latest stories and features on this page. Check back regularly in order to learn more about the new car release, cutting-edge technology, and latest promotions that are available.

You can even follow news from the latest motoring trade shows from around the globe. In addition to news regarding the automotive industry as a whole, we’re delighted to also have a number of features that look at news closer to home. As a community-focused organisation, we always look for new and engaging ways in which to connect with the local area, so you can follow details of charitable work and sponsorship deals here too.

Click on any of the stories listed to learn more and get in touch with a member of the Motors Coalville team in Leicestershire to discuss our offerings in more detail.