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Best classic car

What defines a classic car? Is it the age of the model? Or perhaps it’s the reputation that it boasts? At Motors Coalville, we’re delighted to have a selection of used classic cars in stock today, featuring a host of iconic models that are in exceptional condition and are ready for you to test drive and purchase now.

Of course, the question that is so often posed by motor enthusiasts is ‘what is the best classic car?’ And, while reaching a definitive answer that meets everyone’s satisfaction is impossible (the ‘best’ anything is highly subjective!), we can help you determine your own answer to this particular head-scratcher. From questions to be asked to a few select models to take into consideration, we at Motors Coalville can help you reach the conclusion of your own. 

Make and model

While there’s no correct answer, most of us feel like a classic car belongs to one of the automotive industry’s real prestige marques. So, while the range of models from Fiat, Peugeot, Vauxhall, et al offer great performance and design, a true classic car is more likely to originate from such manufacturers as Jaguar, Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferrari, etc. What’s more, the precise model should be one that is perhaps limited in number or which is certainly distinctive in its appearance. 

Notable classic cars

Some of those classic cars that really excite us here at Motors Coalville are the following: 

Porsche 911: There’s few models that are quite so distinctive as the Porsche 911, a well-built, sporty model that has evolved over the years but which continues to retain the same sweeping good looks.

Aston Martin DB5: Yes, it might seem obvious and cliched to select the model made famous by James Bond, but have you seen it? Everything about the DB5 is pure perfection, with iconic good looks and great performance.

Ford Mustang: Another model that continues to be produced and gets ever-more refined is the Ford Mustang. And, while the model has changed significantly over the past half-century, it’s hard to find a bad one among the range.

Our selection of used classic cars is updated frequently as models come into stock. Speak to a member of the team today to learn more and to book a test drive of your chosen model.

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